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HDMovie14 Movie Online Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

China, USA

Genre Drama, Comedy

creator Quentin Tarantino

rating 450560 vote


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I enjoyed the first half of the movie, because usually QT’s movie start as a number of seemingly unrelated stories and come together towards the end.
This is not the case this time.
It felt like Quentin was trying too hard to be Quentin!
Also when a movie like this comes out (one that’s talking about actors) and the regular viewer like me is bored, they are immediately attacked, and the movie is hailed as “not for everyone. Remember “birdman” well that movie had a strory to tell at least.
I hope the next movie is either something like Hateful Eight or something else altogether where Quentin tries something new instead of applying his “style” to a bunch of unrelated scenes and characters.

The film is almost perfect a personal 9.8, there is a 5 minute sequen e.
This is a boring movie. Tarantino tried to recreate the magic of Pulp Fiction but epic failed.


I have never written an IMDB review in my life- I never have been bothered. But this movie left me in such a bad mood, making me feel robbed of both my time and money, that I had to write here. Now let me explain, this movie featured excellent actors and a more than capable director. Thus, the acting and directing of the film was excellent. However, the script was absolute garbage. There was genuinely no story, no climax. It was the equivalent of watching people exist for 2+ hours. I felt as though I was stuck on a flight that was delayed as we were in the air and I was staring at the clock hoping to land. So if you were hoping to be entertained in any way- pick another movie. However, if you are hoping to see something that uses nostalgia as it’s only mean of appeal, and by no means provide you with a storyline, then this movie may be for you.
All in all, I wish I got my money back for this pathetic excuse of a film.